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Earl “Dusty” Trimmer relates with both skill and personal experience events surrounding our most forgetable and misunderstood war in America’s history. He brings it all home with a down-to-earth style considerable knowledge and a ton of research.

Many who were combat soldiers or marines in the Vietnam War still consider themselves soldiers. I served during what has been referred to as the “bloodiest year” in 1968. I am not a college graduate, but I ground out five and a half years of college classes day and evening, at four different universities — majoring in nothing, and working part time and full time. Just like an infantry “grunt” did in Vietnam. I was working 24-7 before and after Vietnam service.

Earl "Dusty" Trimmer

Author & Writer

Dusty Trimmer - Combat Infantry, John Bellemy - Combat Engineer, Tom Gretsko - Army Ranger.
All served with the 25th Infantry Division 1967-1970.


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