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Many who were combat soldiers or marines in the Vietnam War still consider themselves soldiers. I served during what is referred to as the “bloodiest year” of 1968. I am not a college graduate, but I ground out five and a half years of college classes day and evening, at four different universities — majoring in nothing, and working part time and full time while attending classes. Just like an infantry “grunt” did in Vietnam. I was working 24-7 before and after Vietnam service.

After the war it was difficult adjusting and I was unable to find or keep full-time employment that could lead to a career. Fortunately, I managed to carve out a career for myself in the advertising/ marketing/sales field. But I had to weather going through nearly two dozen jobs before I found a comfortable fit and that I did. I remained with the same employer from 1980 to 2015 . . . thirty five years.

My childhood had its ups and downs with alcohol being consistently present with my parents. Divorce forced me into an orphanage, separating me from family members and this took me in and out of five different schools from age 5 to 7, this took a heavy toll on me. This influenced me to abandon college leaving myself almost a certain draftee, for direct combat into the 25th Infantry Division. Where I was heavily decorated including the Bronze Star-Valor.

A picture of me holding the helmet that was shot off my head during a Viet Cong ambush in 1968 has been prominently displayed around the country as such; Vietnam Veterans of America 2015 calendar, U.S. Army Historical Society, National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum Combat Infantry Assoc. website etc.

Unbreakable Hearts II is a remake of the 2019 version also titled Unbreakable Hearts! Overall, I have been involved with the publishing of five books about the Vietnam War, during and afterward. Neither of my books are the types one can sit down, read at one session and then be done. There is factual historical data inside these books, along with non-fiction real life happenings around the Vietnam War.

Unfortunately, the legacy of Vietnam and its warriors has been tainted severely and wrongly by those who have written about it, mainly the Fake Media or as I call them . . . the Ameri-Cong Media. The mission of all my books, particularly Unbreakable Hearts II is to leave behind a true and proud legacy for all who were ever touched by this ugly war to treasure and hold onto for generations to come. Vietnam War’s veterans deserve to have honor restored; their stolen valor returned . . . they earned it the hard way!

Author | Writer Earl "Dusty" Trimmer