Robert Marcus, Ph.D.
Youngstown Veteran Affairs Clinic

I reviewed Mr. Trimmer's book, Unbreakable Hearts II and could not put it down. I truly have a deep interest in helping Vietnam Veterans and have always supported them. I appreciate your passion, your honesty and all you have done to make more people aware of the plight of Vietnam Veterans and families. Thank you.

Brian Matos, Writer
Vietnam Veterans of America

Unbreakable Hearts II is like no other Vietnam War book I have ever come across. Earl "Dusty" Trimmer portrays the Vietnamese as brave, proud and resilient people who rose to fight off invasions from super powers.

Ivan Gardner
101st Airborne Vietnam War

Dusty Unbreakable Hearts II is an awesome book and every Vietnam War Veteran should be happy you did this. Now I'm seeing things in a different light you may have rekindled my own idea of telling my story.

Bob Gaetans, Editor
Aurora Advocate

Unbreakable Hearts, provide redemption for U.S. soldiers who served in Vietnam by redefining the Viet Cong as worthy adversaries with a strong tradition.

Melanie Oberlin Knapp
Vietnam Veteran Daughter

As you know, my dad is terminal with lung cancer. Your book is outstanding and so critically important for helping me understand my dad better.